I am a Graphic Designer living in Vancouver, BC. I work on complete branding, illustration, web and print work to bring your idea to life, and give you a strategy to visually communicate directly with your clients.

I’m here to understand your project, and to help you build a strategy, to take this part of your big idea further than you could ever imagine possible.


  • Web
  • Print
  • FWAPages

    Freshwater Alliance Web Graphics

    Illustration, website, non-profit organization

    For the web component, I illustrated a large-scale full page, as well as a banner illustration for use on the pledge form and website. The campaign achieved great success, with substantial pledge response and letters written to community MLAs.

  • FWAGraphics 02

    Freshwater Alliance Shareable Graphics

    Illustration, web and social shareable content, non-profit organization

    For the campaign centred around drawing attention to water issues in the province of BC, and bringing them to the forefront of elections issues, I created a large series of shareable images that gained huge traction online for the campaign.

  • FWAGraphics 01

    Freshwater Alliance Graphic Shareables

    Illustration, web and social media

    For World Water Day, and in preparation for the upcoming provincial election, I illustrated a campaign to draw attention to the water quality, quantity, and rights issues facing BC.

  • UBCWebsite

    UBC Student Communications Services

    Illustration assets, web, email, and poster campaign

    UBC gears this campaign at 3rd and 4th year students, as their least engaged demographic, to connect with them about their future plans. I created detailed illustrations representing 5 feelings students might have, and designs corresponding emails aimed at career preparation and involvement both on and off campus. 

  • UBCGraphics 02

    UBC Student Communications Services Graphics and Iconography

    Illustration and Iconography, web

    I illustrated a set of 5 banners and 5 icons based on the web artwork for a set of resource-based emails aimed at engaging 3rd and 4th year UBC students with various mentorship and community opportunities to help them explore career and development options once they graduate.

  • UBCGraphics 01

    UBC Student Communications Services Graphics (1)

    Illustration, Email Graphics

    UBC Student Communications Campaign for at 3rd and 4th year students engaged students in initiatives built around their options after graduation. The email banners were a larger version of the web graphics, with a slogan attached, leading into the resource – based content below.


  • PBWebsite

    Play Better Foundation Website

    web design, athletic non-profit

    Play better is an organization changing the way we value and reward sports participation in young people through their standardized program. I redesigned their Canadian site, and along with my developer, modelled it visually and functionally like a clean athletic sites to appeal to their younger audience and promote athletic altruism.


  • FirstUnitedPortfolio 1


    FirstUnitedPortfolio 1

    First United Site

    web design, non-profit organization

    In partnership with Shift Philanthropy, I designed First United a new website. The main goal with the site was to attract both donors and community members to use the site as a place to find information about the organization and programs, in a user friendly, and visually appealing way. 



  • AMWebsite 1
    AMWebsite 1

    Aplin Martin site Redesign

    web design, project management, civil engineering firm

    Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd. are a large civil engineering firm based in BC. They were using a site from the late 90’s, and wanted to completely change their brand and online presence to reflect their current position as a leading full service civil consulting firm, and to attract young talent to their growing company.

    www.aplinmartin.com   |   brand work

  • KinbraceCampaigns 1
    KinbraceCampaigns 1

    Kinbrace Campaign 2017

    campaign page design, non-profit organization

    In partnership with Shift Philanthropy, I worked on a brand guide, postcard and donations campaign page for Kinbrace in early 2017. The goal was to engage current and potential donors with the members of their community, and show the impact they have had, and continue to have, on refugee groups in Canada.

  • LHDonations 1
    LHDonations 1

    iTeams 2016 Campaigns Pages

    web campaign page design, non-profit organization

    In partnership with Shift Philanthropy, I worked on a series of donations pages for iTeams, with the goal of sharing stories of their community, and enticing current and new donors to participate in targeted initiatives.

  • ProgressaWebsite 1
    ProgressaWebsite 1

    Progressa Site Redesign

    web design, project management, lender

    To update crucial functionality, and align their site visually with their competition, myself and my colleague did a complete visual overhaul of their HTML responsive site. I redesigned all their graphics and visual elements to support their growing brand. Working with a developer, I managed their site relaunch, making it much faster, and much more functional for their customers. 



I work with small and large clients to help visualize their brands on and offline. I project manage too, and work hard to make sure everyone is on time, on budget, and really impressed with the finished product.

I have a passion for handicrafts and the “old-school” way of making things, and translate this into design clarity and timelessness, that for me, takes priority over using the latest trends where they may not suit. I try to look at what works for you, and your project, and come up with the most individual solution I can.

I excel at coming up with solutions that aren’t necessarily common, but suit the challenge in the best way possible. Please send me an email to learn more about my process, pricing, and how I can help out!

see my twine portfolio, too



Mairin would love to hear from you. Send her an email!